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About Pride Chiropractic and Dr. Mark Heltemes

Building Your Health

I provide a revolutionary approach to healthcare called Functional Neurology that focuses on stress reduction and healthy habits.

Working together, you and I will establish a treatment protocol to help you build a healthy life free of painful symptoms. My goal is to help you manage the stress in your life. If you are like many people, your stress is probably managing you!

Simply put stress is an over active sympathetic nervous system that has disabled the companion modulator, the parasympathetic system and is leading toward exhaustion, which is disease.

We begin with a thorough, pain-free evaluation using state-of-the-art technology to evaluate how your nervous system responds to stress. The results will help us to identify problem areas and to create a comprehensive plan for improving your stress response and regulating your nervous system. Additionally, if you have had past trauma to your spine, whiplash, concussion, chronic postural complaints, we will examine your spine with functional xrays to specifically locate areas of degradation.

With a balanced nervous system, your body is naturally a finely tuned instrument with the ability to control and regulate the physical response to life events and environmental factors.

I invite you to come in today for a neurological stress evaluation, the first building block of a healthier life.

How to Choose

When you think you need a chiropractor but do not know who to choose, revisit your reasons for considering alternative health care.

Chances are you are looking for a knowledgeable partner in health, someone who will acknowledge and understand the whole you - body, mind and spirit. Otherwise, you would be satisfied with another visit to a medical doctor for a new prescription or other "quick fix."

My commitment is to create a partnership with you that will build your health in a sustainable way. My fee structure is designed to support frequent treatments and consultations so that you and I can lay the foundation for health and build on it.

I will help you integrate healthy habits, including exercising and eating right, with chiropractic adjustments designed to build strong muscles and joints, and to restore your nervous system to its optimal stress-reducing functionality.

To live the life you want, you need your body to be at its best. Let's work together to build your health. If not now, when?

Dr. Mark Heltemes is a 1990 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. A health coach and functional neurologist, he has served the Rockridge District in Oakland, California for over 25 years. Dr. Heltemes takes pride in the relationships he develops with his family of patients.

"By providing expert knowledge, skilled service and live saving adjustments, I help clients remove obstacles to greater health and a better life. I help them improve function and stability, prevent disease and restore youthful vitality."

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