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"The world should be envious. Thanks to Dr. Mark, I recently had the best massage ever. Everyone should experience the benefits of his therapeutic massage. Done floating in a shallow pool, in this case, at his farm in the creek (lucky me, absolutely gorgeous scenery). I was relaxed on "floatie", like those used in a pool, so he could maneuver me around and use his whole body to give one of the best massages I've ever had. I started Yoga years ago, because of joint and back pain, mild scoliosis, and muscular imbalance, and have had countless bodywork sessions including: rolfing, myofasical & nuerofasical release, deep tissue, etc. I have had good results with many of these modalities and various practitioners over the course of the time I spent with them. But I have never experienced so much benefit in one session, actually two, did another the next day. The first was amazing, felt two inches taller, and the second was icing on the cake. Seriously, in one session he was able to get past some my body's deepest defenses (cronic, years of tightness) and bring some much needed space, mobility and relief.

Dr. Mark is a Chiropractor by trade, and does not do this often, but hoping he can somehow find a way to add this to his practice."
- Rod Ciocho, Yoga Instructor

"Dr. Mark has the concern and care of a parent, the presence and touch of a lover, payment program of a philanthropist, and the hands, heart, and soul of a healer."
- John Z., Programmer/Analyst.

"I went to many health care providers for chronic neck pain and nothing helped. Thanks to Mark, my pain is gone and I feel better than ever."
- Kayla K., Consultant/Artist.

"I really appreciate Dr. Mark's care for me as a whole person. His training in chiropractic medicine is the foundation of his practice, but he provides much more than just adjustments. I was initially very impressed by his emphasis on home care and patient-directed healing. Dr. Mark has taught me how to take care of myself. He also listens! and takes good notes. When I have an issue with my body, Dr. Mark is the first person I turn to."
- Paula W.

"Dr. Heltemes has taken care of me for most of a decade. I am an MD (nonpracticing, retired), 71 years old, and I feel certain that he has kept me from the surgeons knife. And he is a good and empathetic care provider. Thanks Mark."
- Carl E.

"Dr. Mark Heltemes knows his field of practice well and is very good at what he does. He also helps the patient to understand what is going on in their body, how interconnected all the parts are and why they are experiencing pain. He is calm, easy-going, compassionate, comforting, friendly and genuine. I am so glad I found him. He has helped me immensely."
- Richard E.

"Excellent experience. Dr. Heltemes is friendly, highly professional and extremely competent. His diagnostic skills are superb. It has been an all roung superior experience and I'd highly recommend him to anyone in search of top chiropractic care."
- P

"I was in pain from being a double caregiver for my mother and father. My father a stroke victim was dead weight to move from point to point. My shoulders, neck and back were all out of alignment.

I had never been to a chiropractor before. Dr. Mark made me feel welcome and comfortable.

Frightened at first having my neck and spine in someone else's hands. Dr. Mark made all the adjustments and made me feel like new.

I cannot recommend Dr. Mark Heltemes highly enough. This Superman needs a costume and cape he already has his super powers."

Michael G.

I've been a patient of Pride Chiropractic for many years. Due to persistent low back & neck issues chiropractic care has been a part of my life since my early 20's. I've seen several and met Dr.Mark while he was interning in another practice. After he left it didn't take long for me to follow him to his new digs in the Rockridge area. His adjustments work for me. His schedule works for me. His pricing works for me. He's kind and personable, willing to share new knowledge and here's a bonus, occasional produce goodies from his farm. I tell folks about Mark and they think I'm getting one heck of a deal. I agree.

David M.

I pulled by left hip over two years ago while at the gym, using a machine that I had no business to go near. Sure, I thought, some days of rest, and I would be as good as new. Was I in for a surprise! What started as just a 'hip problem' quickly developed into nerve issues, with numbing of legs, feet and toes, often with nerves acting up in the most unexpected places and unpredictable times. Couldn't sleep at night sometimes due to numbness and 'electric shocks,' and I went into the emergency room twice with swallowing problems and panic attacks!

My orthopedist chalked up my situation to osteoarthritis and a neurologist diagnosed 'restless legs'. My rheumatologist put me thru' a long battery of tests to rule out any auto-immune diseases. Another neurologist tested for and ruled out damaged nerves. But none of them could suggest any real pathway to recovery other than more painkillers and more cortisone shots!

That's when I chanced upon Dr. Mark, and I am really glad I did. His carefully calibrated adjustments in the neck and the back brought dramatic improvement within weeks and I was able to go off all medications for months at a time. When I mentioned that I have had elbow problems for some time, he attended to that too, and now I am practically free of any elbow pains. He is now also attending to just developing knee pain issues. I would have gone on a 'maintenance mode' with Dr. Mark quite some time back, except for my extended overseas trips, which set me back a bit every time.

I really appreciate Dr. Mark's pleasant manners, prompt follow up even when I am traveling overseas, and 'healthy' conversations, which have been as much part of my treatment as the adjustments. His ability to tell you where you are off today even before you tell him about your misadventure the day before has been uncanny! I particularly appreciate his flexibility (no pun intended) in scheduling my treatment with minimal waiting time in the office.